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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)


Liberal Studies

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Joanna Zangrando

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David Glaser


In my final project l will explore the leadership of Ernestine Rose in the context of contemporary transformational leadership theory. Although Rose was heavily involved in both woman's rights and social reform activities during her entire thirty-three year residence in the United States, I will focus on her woman's rights leadership initiatives between 1848-1860.

I will define transformational leadership and examine how it relates to a historical figure like Rose. I will also describe the status of the woman's rights movement and Rose's leadership within it. Finally, l will explore the relationship between Rose's leadership style and transformational leadership theory.

Within this examination, I will pursue questions like how did Rose lead? What was her leadership style? What obstacles did she face? Finally, to what extent was Ernestine Rose a transformational leader?



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