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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)


Liberal Studies

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Lisa Aronson

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Patricia Rubio


"Reality is always richer than anything one can dream" ("Entrevista con Isabel Allende"). The supernatural is the realm beyond nature as it is ordinarily understood. Supernatural experiences often are described as miraculous, metaphysical, paranormal, mystical, transcendental, divine, and unusual. The Greek adjective, mystikos, refers to something that is secret or hidden. The English adjective, mystical, which is derived from the Greek, has been used to describe anything that is mysterious, mystifying, confusing, or occult. Furthermore, supernatural experiences of many kinds have traditionally been explained as the actions of gods, spirits, and demons from this realm (George 271). Certainly, the visible world is but a small part of the true world, and that one does not need to understand in order to believe.



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