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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)


Liberal Studies

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Kate Graney

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Kenneth Klotz


Standing above other nineteenth-century century Russian painters, Ilya Repin has proven himself through his technical mastery and unrelenting quest for artistic exploration. Thi s has placed him among Russia' s most influential artists. This study examines Repin' s life and prolific career. The obj ective of thi s research i s to explore the unique marriage between art and politics in nineteenth-century Russia. This proj ect focuses on Repin' s 1 8 80 painting of the Zaporozhe Cossacks as a basis to explore the conflicting forces that befell Rep in, and also as a means to better understand the tempestuous atmosphere of the time. This painting reflects the opposing aesthetic, moral and philosophical ideas that marked this period in Russia history. Through both academic and artistic research methods, this study will give a comprehensive and intimate analysis of Ilya Repin' s painting in the context of nineteenth-century Russian mi and politics.



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