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Spring 3-27-2015

Event Date

March 27, 2015


MDOCS, newsletter, spring 2015, Jocelyn Arem, Docu-Trek, Ellen Sherman, Jessica Thompson, Steve Rosenthal


Newsletter 1.10 (March 27, 2015) • Guerrilla Filmmaking Docu - Trek 2015 • Multimedia Storytelling Sound, Story, Stage with Jocelyn Arem • Behind the Scenes (Photos) When 1000 words are not enough -- Eileen McAdam and Cube architect Hugo Martinez Plus: Fall 2015 – Clases Docu-Trek Spring Break course on campus and in New York City to tell the story of Skidmore's Opportunity Programs, taught by Adam Tinkle and Nicky Tavares. Student participants inlcuded Ziyi Cheng, Jamerly de la Cruz, Maryam Dewitt, Wilson Espinal, Brittany Kent, and Jonathan Ogunleye. Alum Ellen Sherman hosted the group for a discussion of storytelling.








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