MDOCS Flyer, 2015 Storytellers' Institute Info Sessions

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December 8, 2014; January 22 & 27, 2015


These two flyers were created for the 2015 Storytellers' Institute Info sessions for the Skidmore community.

2015 Storytellers' Institute info:

2015's inaugural MDOCS Storytellers' institute documents "family." Being part of a family is an integral part of the human experience. Whether the family is one we are born into, chose or were chosen for; large or small; gathers for weekly dinners, annual holidays or an occasional conversation; evokes comedy or drama, love or loss...family shapes who we are in past, present and future tenses.

2015-01-22-MDOCS-STI15-InfoSession.jpg (81 kB)
Flyer for 2nd and 3rd info sessions

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