Date of Award


Document Type

Restricted Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Art History

First Advisor

Katherine Hauser


How many times have you heard something like “put down your phone, disconnect for a second, live in the moment…”? I’m willing to bet you’ve heard someone express this sentiment at least once if not many times in your life. Whether it’s an adult telling you, as a child, that you cannot spend time in front of a computer, or a friend expressing the liberation of deactivating a Facebook account, it seems like there are always people positing the importance of detaching oneself from the smartphone or from social media so that one can be more in tune with a non-digital reality. But what is meant by reality, and why is the digital world perceived as exempt or outside of this reality? Why do we insist on separating the digital and the “real,” the on-screen and the off-screen?


Note: Access to this thesis is restricted to Skidmore community.