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Bachelor of Arts



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Monica Das


This research examines refugee migration originating from Mainland China to North and South countries, like Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Nepal and India. To analyze refugee flow, I used four different determinants: political, civil, environmental, and economic to isolate the importance of each determinate. The analysis was derived from the gravity model to estimate the flow of refugees. I estimated the random effects model for all three of my models. The empirical analysis demonstrated that PTS and fertility in China were the most significant determinant within developed countries for refugee flow, whereas the most important determinants for developing countries were fertility rate, distance, and population. I also find that in the overall model, all variables except China’s GDP per capita were significant determinates of refugee flow. The analysis concludes that refugee flow to North countries is due to political and economic indicators while refugee flow to South countries is a result of distance and cultural components.

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