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Bachelor of Arts



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Monica Das


As globalization grows stronger, more and more students choose to pursue their education dream in foreign countries. Meanwhile, the economic benefit that international students bring to host countries is undeniable. Thus, the demand for higher education continues to increase, consequently the competition among higher education institution become intense. With such a significant presence on the economic benefit, contributing by the international students in United State in the academic year 2016, It is time to examine the international students’ thinking process while they choose United States Universities as their four-year higher education location. Besides, it would provide an insight to admission officer, who worked closely with potential international candidate, to promote and attract international students in their preference. Therefore the administrator and college could point on those factor and improve their working goals. Based on this, I merged data by myself and estimate the impact of different factors on the decision-making process for international students in United States. My paper aims to analyze the key determinant of college decision making process for International students. Moreover, this paper attempt to weight the significance of each factor that affect international students’ decision.

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