Looking Backward: Rereading Gilman in the Early Twenty-First Century


Carol Farley Kessler, Jennifer S Tuttle

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Book Chapter

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Columbus: Ohio State University Press




"That pure New England stock" : Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the construction of identity / Denise D. Knight -- Looking backward : rereading Gilman in the early twenty-first century / Catherine J. Golden -- The torn voice in "The giant wistaria" and "The unnatural mother" / Jill Rudd -- An "absent mother" : Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Mag-Marjorie, and the politics of maternal responsibility / Charlotte J. Rich -- Turning "The balsam fir" into Mag-Marjorie : generic transposition in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's imaginative economy / Frederick Wegener -- "The same revulsion against them all" : Ida Tarbell and Charlotte Perkins Gilman's suffrage dialogue / Aleta Feinsod Cane -- Doing it "man-fashion" : gender performance in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Unpunished / Jill Bergman -- "There are things in that paper that nobody knows but me" : an alternative reading of Neurasthenia / Jennifer Lunden -- The yellow newspaper : Charlotte Perkins Gilman and sensational journalism / Sari Edelstein -- The madwoman's other sisters : Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Gloria Naylor, and the re-inscription of loss / Caroline Brown -- Feminist humor and Charlotte Perkins Gilman / Shelley Fisher Fishkin