Date of Award

Spring 5-4-2021

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Bachelor of Arts


International Affairs

First Advisor

Professor Rachel Cantave


This research explores the rise of alt-right groups in Europe through a case study approach with a focus on Spain as well as a general approach focused on Europe as a whole. For the case study, blog posts from the Spanish female-immigrant centered forum, Afroféminas, were analyzed. To provide evidence from the broader European context while still centering immigrant and refugee voices, the PBS Frontline documentary film Exodus: The Journey Continues was utilized. Through the use of discourse analysis as well as theoretical grounding in Giddens’ structuration and Bourdieu’s praxeology, this research presented two main findings: (1) it is possible to see a strong “us vs. them” dichotomy between alt-right groups and immigrant/refugee groups, which is perpetuated through its continued use, and (2) strong emotions and fear can be seen as a factor which both divides and unites alt-right and immigrant/refugee groups in their struggles for a place and voice within society as a whole.

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