Date of Award

Spring 5-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


International Affairs

First Advisor

Rachel Cantave


National identity is malleable; it is shaped by events such as conflicts, disasters, and achievements. The following research paper details a study conducted to assess the influence of the Falkland Islands/ Malvinas War of 1982 on national identity among youth in Argentina and the United Kingdom. Differences between the representations of the conflict in the two countries were discovered through interviews with British citizens and Argentines. The experiences of those individuals, were used to discover the factors that led the war to play a big role in Argentine society and the reasoning behind the lack of mention of the war in contemporary British society. This research suggests that factors such as changes in regime, support of troops from the home front during the conflict, and large differences between socio-economic classes led to the reproduction of representations of the Falklands/ Malvinas islands and war in Argentina. Furthermore, British imperialism and the United Kingdom’s participation in two World Wars reduced the importance of the conflict within British society, therefore reducing its presence and representation in contemporary society.