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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)


Liberal Studies

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Ruth Andrea Levinson

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Doretta Miller


Communication exists on several levels. A widely accepted definition of these levels of communication is the exchange of ideas through a symbolic, gestural or linguistic system. For the purposes of this paper, a broader definition of communication which includes the use of human energy is reached by categorizing these levels as: 1) The conscious levels of intelligence which are language, academic disciplines, artistic expressions; and, 2) The subconscious levels of non-verbal communication, gestures and body language; and, 3) The energy fields around the human body and how they may interact with other fields. The purpose of this paper is to develop an understanding of "Energetic Communication" based on the process of working with human energy fields and an understanding of how human energy can be affected by the theatrical experience. Working with the human energy fields of a participant is communicating on a deeper level, either physiological, subconscious, or energetic, and sensing problem areas which can then be addressed by a component of theatre. This process is a way of reaching participants both artistically and therapeutically without imposing a pre-conceived educational agenda on the participant, by allowing the process to be guided by the participant's own needs. Physically and emotionally the participants present blocks of energy and the techniques outlined are to promote physiological responses through creativity.

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