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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Erica Basress-Dukehart

Second Advisor

Yasmine Ziesler


From the perspectives of new social history and economic anthropology, this project provides an examination of twentieth century Uganda. With this backdrop, this essay centerpieces a study of microcredit, a global poverty alleviation strategy successfully established in Uganda, East Africa. The project study demonstrates global, national and local level responses to economic inequities shaped by a modem capitalist world system. The essay then provides a case study of the replication of the Grameen Village Phone project in Uganda, with an emphasis on the role of women as pillars of the informal economic sector where microcredit projects are located. The Grameen Bank is an award-winning microcredit institution first established in Bangladesh that provides a new economic model for Uganda's poorest citizens.