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Fall 9-1-2016

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September 27, 2016; September 29, 2016; October 13, 2016; October 17, 2016; November 14, 2016; November 28, 2016


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List of all Fall 2016 Project VIS Events. Events include:

Ethics Bowl: The Ethics and Law in Media Production

Tue, September 27 @ 6-8pm, Emerson

Tackle the issues facing today's non-fiction storytellers and prepare yourself for the roadblocks to public use that media creators may come to realize only after wrapping production--often too late to resolve crucial rights and relationships. The session will combine brief presentations on law, ethics and methods with background and tips and group discussion by attendees who will grapple with a real-world case and come together to present solutions.

This hands-on training session is a must-have knowledge base for all students planning on creating media work now and in the future - Hosted by Media & Film Studies and MDOCS

Storytellers' Institute Showcase

Thu, September 29 @ 7-8 pm, Emerson

Curious about what your fellow classmates were up to this summer? Learn more about Skidmore's 2016 Storytellers' Institute Scholars and their work. This June they joined documentary practitioners and Skidmore faculty members in a creative-academic intensive 5 week residency that challenged their creative process and documentary skills.

Find out what projects they worked on and learn more about their experience while living amongst professional doc creators in a collaborative environment.

Screening: When War Comes Home with Emmy Award-winning Director Michael King

Thu, October 13 @ 6:30-9pm

Location: NYS Military Museum

MDOCS has partnered with the New York State Military Museum to bring a new documentary film, When War Comes Home to Saratoga Springs. This film follows three Iraq/Afghanistan War Veterans returning home to discover their Post-Traumatic Stress affects not only their own lives, but the lives of their wives, children and friends. Witnessing these powerful stories and many others, retired Four Star General Peter Chiarelli leads the search for better treatment for these invisible wounds of war. Trailer: When War Comes Home Trailer Director: Michael W. King The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Director Michael King and local veterans.

Doc Date: Portrait & Biography series

Through a native lens: Portraiture, social documentary and narrative in Saratoga

Mon, October 17 @ 7pm, Emerson

On October 17, join Daesha Devón Harris, a Saratoga Springs native and documentary photographer who creates powerful multimedia pieces that speak to social issues in a creative and compelling way. The photos depictsubjectsnot asvictims,but instead show them in a light of determination illuminating Daesha's relentless optimism.

Moderted by Robert ParkeHarrison

This event is part of MDOCS' series on portraiture and biography in documentary work. OneMonday eachmonth, creators from photography, audio documentary, and multimedia visit Skidmore to discuss their work and the morals and ethics behind representing someone else's story through their vision.

Doc Date: Portrait & Biography series

Offset (film): A life blurred and re-envisioned

Mon, November 14 @ 7 pm, Emerson

Join filmmaker Adam Hall for a special screening of his feature documentary Offset: Seeing Beauty Through a Brain Injury. A study of a single individual, this film blends elements of portrait and biography to tell the story of Brian Nice.

After a catastrophic brain injury, renowned photographer Nice was confined to his childhood home. When his health insurance no longer covered physical therapy sessions, Nice embarked on a cross-country road trip testing his physical and emotional limits. Taking his camera with him, Nice photographed the American landscape, capturing the way he now sees the world. Hall's film shares the journey and the work.

Director Adam Hall will be at this event for a moderated Q&A with Nicky Tavares after the screening.

November 28 @ 6:30pm

Davis Auditotrium

Sound And Music: Nostalgia and Digital Materiality in Video Games with Paul Hembree