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Summer 6-1-2016

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June 2016


MDOCS, Documentary, Storytelling, Event, Summer Courses, Essay Film, Audio Doc


2016 Summer Courses!

Both courses are Session 1 (May 31 – July 1)

The Essay Film

DS-251C Jonna McKone MTWR 1:15-3:30pm 3 cr

Essay Film looks for answers, truths or moments of reflection in all sorts of places: memory, personal experience, travel and more. This course will consist of small projects leading up to a final project of an essay film.

Intro to Audio Doc

DS-251D Eileen McAdam MTWR 9-11:55am 4cr

This class will focus on the art of storytelling through sound. With an emphasis on the production process, you’ll learn how to turn an idea into a compelling audio story suitable for broadcasting and podcasting.