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Spring 10-3-2016

Event Date

October 3, 2016; October, 9, 2016; October 17, 2016; October 20, 2016; November 3, 2016; November 6, 2016; November 7, 2016; November 10, 2016


MDOCS, documentary, storytelling, event, workshop, LIB 113, video, photo, design, audio


This is a poster publicizing LIB 113 workshops that are offered each semester and led by the LIB 113 student lab assistants. This poster was created for the Spring 2016 workshop offerings.

The workshops offered in Spring 2016:

Final Cut ProX (video)

Intro to GoPro (video)

Poster Design 101 (design)

Photoshop 101 (photo)

Interviewing 101 (audio)

Audacity (audio)



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