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Fall 10-17-2014

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October 17, 2014; November 7, 2014


MDOCS, event, workshop, Eileen McAdam, flyer


Flyer advertising an October 17/November two-part workshop for up to 12 faculty, staff and students. Eileen McAdam offered an introduction to the work of audio storytelling: the collecting, processing, and preserving of cherished stories using the latest digital equipment. In this workshop you will work with portable digital audio recorders and learn basic recording and interviewing techniques. On October 17, participants will learn and practice basic techniques. On November 7, participants will present an interview undertaken independently, and we will talk through lessons learned and next steps. Whether you want to record family stories, use interviews in your research project or start a community oral history project, this workshop will get you off to a good start and touch on both technical and ethical aspects of interviewing