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Spring 2-17-2016

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February 16, 2016; February 25, 2016; March 1, 2016; March 22, 2016


MDOCS, Documentary, Storytelling, Event, Showcase, Photo, Ethics, Youth FX, Film


February/March Events 2016

Brian Murphy

Is This a Lynching Photo? Forgotten Archives of White Supremacist Violence

March 22, 7pm

Payne Room, Tang Museum

Award Winning YOUTH FX Program with Bhawin Suchak

March 1, 6-8 pm, Davis Auditorium

Meet the Youth FX filmmakers and see their films. This Albany-based digital film and media arts program for young people (14-19) is showing award-winning films, nationally (think Sundance and beyond).

Ethics Bowl: Media Production Ethics and Morals

Febraury 16, 6-8 pm, Emerson Auditorim

This training session tackles issues facing today's non--fiction storytellers. Get some tips, grapple with real-world cases.

Exploremore: MFS & MDOCS

February 25, 5-7 pm, Tisch 301

Interested in a MFS minor? curious about documentary work and media production? Meet faculty and students!

Media & Film Studies @ 5-6 pm

MDOCS @ 6-7 pm