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Spring 2-13-2017

Event Date

February 13, 2017


MDOCS, Documentary, Storytelling, Event, Film, Screening, After Trujillo, Jorge Dominguez Dubuc, Lisa Blackmore


Screening: "Despues De Trujillo"

Monday, February 13, 2017, at 6PM-8PM, Davis Auditorium

Después De Trujillo (After Trujillo) (2016) draws on media archives and filmmaking expertise to explore the connection between landscape and memory in the Dominican Republic.

The documentary film, which was first shown in the DR last fall, probes the relationships between dictatorship, modern architecture, and cultural memory.

Narrated by Dominicans, this journey through modern monuments, memory gardens, and contemporary ruins, reveals landscapes where the ghost of the Trujillo regime lingers.

Directors Lisa Blackmore and Jorge Domínguez Dubuc will be present for a discussion after the screening.

This event is hosted by MDOCS, Latin American Studies, and World Languages & Literature.



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