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Fall 9-29-2017

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September 29, 2017


MDOCS, Documentary, Storytelling, Event, Workshop, Mass Story Lab, Justice, States of Incarceration


September 29, 2016, 10 a.m-–noon, LIB 113, Scribner Library

MASS STORY LAB WORKSHOP: Interviewing for Social Justice

In this two-hour workshop, Mass Story Lab founder Piper Anderson will provide guidance and an opportunity to practice interviewing and oral history skills when the goal is achieving social justice and the topics may be difficult or traumatic for participants and partners. Workshop will be held in LIB 113, Scribner Library.

Mass Story Lab is a participatory storytelling project designed by storyteller, educator, and cultural organizer Piper Anderson. Mass Story Lab aims to make stories an instrument of justice. In a Mass Story Lab the stories of people directly affected by mass incarceration become the transformative lens through which communities imagine a world beyond prisons. Through engaged story circles, dialog, and design sessions, Mass Story Labs articulate the real lived experiences of mass incarceration affecting our communities in order to design more restorative approaches to justice. By 2018, Mass Story Lab will travel to more than 20 communities grappling with the impact of mass incarceration. To sign up, RSVP at