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Fall 11-12-2017

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November 12, 2017


MDOCS, Documentary, Storytelling, Event, Showcase, Pass the Mic, WSPN, OP Community


Join Pass the Mic as we dedicate a night to celebrate the excellence and talent of documentary storytellers who are also shining members of the Opportunity Program community. In honor of their powerful work as filmmakers and photographers, there will be a screening of their pieces and a discussion afterwards, led by our very own co-hosts, Cristal and Bri. We hope to see you there!

Featured works of the night:

A Black Womyns’ self-esteem is terrorized before she is even made aware that she has one. "The Miseducation of the Black Womyn", directed by Maryam Dewitt '18, is a three-part project —documentary film, exhibition, and scholarly article— that hopes to tell the stories of black womyn, written and performed by black womyn without the revision of their colonizers. "They Believed" is a documentary made by Maryam Dewitt '18, Brittany Kent '18, Jamerly De La Cruz '18, and Wilson Espinal '17 which explores the history, community, and importance of the Opportunity Program on our Skidmore campus. "Ventana a mi Comunidad" (Window to my Community) is a photography exhibit which was launched by Eleuterio Martinez '18, who traveled back to his hometown in Oaxaca, Mexico to lead a photography workshop in his former middle school. The main purpose of this project was both to introduce technology at this school and to use it to create awareness of the Triqui culture (Triqui people are indigenous people who live in the northwestern part of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico). He will be sharing his experience and his students' work with us. Free coffee and cookies! --------------------------------------------------------------- Pass the Mic, which airs on WSPN 91.1FM every Wednesday at 6p.m, is a platform for people of color, International, Opportunity Program, Immigrant, refugee, and other underrepresented groups on campus. Every week we invite a different student or faculty member to share art, stories, information, issues, and more to ignite discussion and awareness on campus. Listen to past episodes here: Like us here: Co-sponsored by the MDOCS program, which provides the Skidmore community with tools and skills in documentary and storytelling.