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Fall 9-18-2015

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September 18, 2015; September 19, 2015


MDOCS, event, workshop, Michael McCabe, documentary photography, photography, perspective, technique


This was a workshop covering the basic techniques of documentary photography with photographer and filmmaker Michael McCabe.

Event details:

On Friday (2/18), Michael will present examples of his work, discuss perspectives and techniques for documentary photography, followed by a hands-on photography exercise.

2-3pm: Overview with examples, general techniques, and camera choices

3-5pm: Exercise documentary photography (people, places and things) in Scribner Library and around campus

On Saturday morning, those interested in honing their skills in documentary photography will meet with Michael in LI 113 for a refresher, spend the morning taking photographs in and around the Skidmore campus, and reconvene at noon in LI 113 for a lunchtime discussion of work accomplished.

9:30 – 10am: Set up and assignments

10 – 11am: Picture taking

11:30 – 12pm: Select pictures to review

12 – 1pm: Showing work over lunch

Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment — digital camera or cell phone.

Michael McCabe

A native of Woodstock, New York, Michael has traveled extensively on assignment. Topics have included working with rebels in Congo, diving with a salvage team in Honduras, and shooting for ELLE magazine in Ecuador. He is driven by the beauty of natural light and likes the challenge of working in remote locations. For more about Michael McCabe, see his website here.