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Fall 10-3-2015

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October 3, 2015


MDOCS, event, film, Liz Gallese, Peter Barton, Women of '69 Unboxed


This flyer was created to promote the film screening of Women of '69 Unboxed with Executive Producer/Producer Liz Gallese and Director/Producer Peter Barton.

Synopsis: This documentary uses an extraordinary graphic record–highly unorthodox yearbook photos of some 370 young women–as an evocative window looking back on the journey of a generation reluctant to grow up. If their parents were the Greatest Generation, these women, the point of the spear of modern feminism, were perhaps the Loudest. From pleated skirts and circle pins to rebellion and transformation: they changed the world, at least in their fevered dreams, and the world changed them. Learn more about the film at