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Fall 10-28-2015

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October 28, 2015


MDOCS, event, audio, radio, radio documentary, Alex Lewis, Jake Nussbaum, Expandable Sound


This poster was created for an audio listening event held in Wilson Chapel and hosted by radio producers Alex Lewis and Jake Nussbaum.

Host Bios:

Alex Lewis is an independent radio producer and musician living in Philadelphia, PA. He's currently lead producer of Every ZIP Philadelphia – an AIR Localore: Finding America project. In the past he's worked on radio stories for Marketplace, All Things Considered, WHYY, Transom, Making Contact, and many more. Lewis has also worked as a production assistant for the nationally syndicated daily radio show World Cafe with David Dye on WXPN and a host/blogger for OPB Music in Portland, Oregon. In 2013-14, he co-wrote and produced with Yowei Shaw an audio documentary about the history of Black radio in Philadelphia: Going Black: The Legacy of Philly Soul Radio, which won a National Edward R. Murrow Award in 2015.

Jake Nussbaum is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and radio producer from New Jersey. Learn more about his projects at