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Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Dan Curley, Associate Professor of Classics

Second Advisor

Deb Fernandez


The myth of Pygmalion tells the story about a man’s obsession with his sculpture of the perfect woman. We began our choreographic translation of Pygmalion by asking what ideas and ideals Ovid’s representation of the myth imparts. What does it mean to craft the perfect woman? How are these ideals constructed within the story, and how can we understand and reinvigorate this myth through our current understanding of these expectations?

Using the material act of crafting a sculpture as our anchoring image, we have choreographed three distinctive sections: construction, the role of the creator, and deconstruction. By exploring the dynamic exchange between belief and the physical objects we venerate, we hope to have curated an event which invites you to explore what it means to translate and reinvent narratives. The sculptures you see on display from the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum’s collections also consider the reconfiguration of stories. We encourage you to explore the pieces on display, and to use this booklet as your guide as you walk through the gallery