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Evaluating medical professionals implicit racial and gender biases compared to other professions provides a window into medical professionals’ covertly biased behaviors. I examine whether or not medical professionals, compared to other professions, are more likely to hold predisposed racial and gender biases. Analysis of 2000 to 2014 General Social Survey Data (N=4,772) found the framework of implicitly biased behavior against Black and female- identifying individuals held by medical professionals to be faulty. The results from the multivariate regression revealed the opposite of my hypothesis, regarding sexist (pro-natal) attitudes, medical professionals were less likely than other professions to exhibit sexist attitudes. The multivariate regression refuted my hypothesis wholly regarding racial antagonism, there was no statistical significance (p<.05). Not aligning with prior research, medical professionals did not appear to hold race and gender based implicit biases. Further research should be done within this field of study, possibly a qualitative comparison of medical professionals implicit biases compared to other professional groups.


race, gender, medicine, doctors, implicit biases, medical professionals