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Spring 1-1-2015

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January 30, 2015; February 2, 2015; March 27, 2015


MDOCS, Multimedia Archive, archival documentary, Jocelyn Arem, Spring 2015


MDOCS FEATURED EVENT: The Multimedia Archive


The John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative and Special Programs welcome Jocelyn Arem, '04, for a series of spring workshops on the Multimedia Community Archive, helping students, faculty and community partners develop and manage documentary projects with archival sources from conception through development of archival evidence, to documentary production planning.


  • January 30: Preparation: Getting Started

  • February 27: Production: Working with Sources

  • March 27: Presentation: Storytelling

Fridays, 2-4pm, Tisch 302

Workshops are open to Skidmore College faculty, staff, and students and community partners. RSVP to mdocs [@] appreciated but not required. Those who have RSVP'd will receive some questions/ideas before each meeting to help get the creative juices flowing.

Performance Thursday, March 26 @ 8pm, Filene Recital Hall

  • Reviving, Restoring, and Reimagining the Music Archive Free & Open to the Public

Multimedia Archivist/Producer Jocelyn Arem '04, her GRAMMY Award-winning Magic Shop Studio colleagues, and will showcase the process of reviving, restoring, and reimagining the music in an artist's archive. This presentation will share the archive and listening experience in stages: from the original audiotapes, to remastered recordings, culminating in a live performance with musical guests.




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