A Reflective Intervention

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Bachelor of Arts


Self-Determined Majors

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Sarah Friedland

Second Advisor

Beck Krefting


A Reflective Intervention is an interactive documentary which documents and engages individuals about their core beliefs, reflecting on generational shifts in ideas and practices. This project invites young people belonging to Generation Z to define their most salient core beliefs. In their own words, they reflect on the beliefs they wish to embody and pass along to generations to come. Often, the core beliefs or guiding principles that we hold are what help us understand how to adjudicate what is right or wrong, whether or not we believe in a higher power, and decide what impact we wish to leave on the world.

Historically, institutions of organized religion served as a foundational source for modeling and imposing core beliefs on the masses. However, the relationships young people in the United States currently have with these institutions has changed, and this project looks at the ways this change has shifted the core beliefs or guiding principles of Generation Z’.

Rather than this conversation be facilitated and defined by marketing teams, researchers, and psychologists, A Reflective Intervention is a call for these young voices to take up space and ownership in a conversation that is about and for them. I welcome you to take your time as you listen, watch, and click through the themes and individuals embedded in its pages.